Asian American Churches

This is a listing of ethnic Asian churches, with leadership that is primarily Asian language and/or Asian culture.

about ethnic Asian American churches

Yes there is a wide variety of diversity among Asian American churches because there are at least 34 unique ethnicities, languages, and cultures under the “Asian American” category. Just as every church has its own culture, so to speak, when a church is identified as Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Asian Indian, Filipino, or having another Asian language leadership, that affects many aspects of its church life.

Broadly speaking, the dynamics of churches with an Asian cultural leadership is noticeably different than the dynamics of churches with an American cultural leadership. And, those churches that consists of a multiethnic congregation could have a varying range of multicultural dynamics.

Differences do not mean one is better or worse than the other kind, one is right and the other is wrong; different is just different. Having 2 listings acknowledges and respects the differences.