“Grounded in years of experience and one of the most networked leaders within the Asian American Christian community, DJ Chuang offers a primer on the current state of Asian American ministry and brings much needed attention to the changes needed in order to engage the future. A must-read practical guide for leaders hoping to serve in Asian American contexts!” ~ Tom Lin, President/CEO of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship


“DJ has done us a great favor by writing this insightful and innovative book. It will challenge and equip you to reach, teach, and release the church to be the beautifully diverse bride that Jesus has created and empowered her to be.” ~ Derwin L. Gray, Lead Pastor of Transformation Church and Author of The High Definition Leader: Building Multiethnic Churches in A Multiethnic World <derwinlgray.com>


“MultiAsian.Church offers insights and foresights that only a seasoned participant in and thoughtful observer of Asian American Christianity like DJ Chuang could provide. By bringing together scholarly works and personal observations of Asian American church realities into one compact book, MultiAsian.Church is the definitive primer for anyone who seeks to advance the gospel among Asian Americans and beyond. DJ has cast a broad, yet unique, vision of “MultiAsian” congregations, i.e. churches with the cultural capacity to minister to Asians and non-Asians alike. And he has done so without dismissing ethnic Asian churches or encouraging uncritical assimilation into the white evangelical mainstream. Throughout the book, DJ gently, but persistently, calls Asian American Christian leaders to step up and fulfill their potential to renew an American Christianity that will inevitably mirror the rich diversity of world Christianity today. MultiAsian.Church is a much needed conversation starter!” ~ Rev. Tim Tseng, Ph.D., Pastor of English Ministries, Canaan Taiwanese Christian Church (San Jose, CA) and Co-founder and former Executive Director, Institute for the Study of Asian American Christianity


“DJ Chuang has had his finger on the pulse of multi-ethnic church development for more than twenty years. Throughout that time, he has informed the growth of the Movement through observation, research, personal networking, and the dissemination of promising practices. In his new book, MultiAsian.Church, DJ provides us with a deeper understanding of the unique contributions and challenges of multi-Asian ministry, and adds to the growing body of literature informing the future of the American Church.” ~ Dr. Mark DeYmaz, Pastor of Mosaic Church of Central Arkansas, President of Mosaix Global Network, Author of Building a Healthy Multi-ethnic Church and Disruption: Repurposing the Church to Redeem the Community <markdeymaz.com>


“Are multi-Asian churches different than multi-ethnic ones? What are the implications for ministry in the West, since Asian Americans are the fastest growing racial grouping in the United States? There is no one more qualified than DJ to answer these questions. Let DJ take you on a journey into the multi-Asian church with his decades of both personal and professional experience through thinking, studying, teaching, and living out these ideas.” ~ Daniel Im, Co-Author of Planting Missional Churches, Director of Church Multiplication at NewChurches.com, and Teaching Pastor <danielim.com>


“DJ Chuang is the most connected Christian Asian American in the United States! And through his connections and experiences, he brings this amazing book to us. This book is full of facts, figures, history, wisdom, and strategies for the future of all Asian American ministries. This book is a must read! Whenever I have a question about the latest information about anything Asian American, I always contact DJ Chuang. He is my go-to guy! I am sure that after you read this book, you will realize why he should be your go-to guy as well. Thanks DJ for this tremendous resource for not only Asian Americans but all who serve our Lord Jesus Christ and His church.” ~ Dr. Benjamin C. Shin, Associate Professor of Bible Exposition and Director of the Asian-American Ministry track for the Doctor of Ministry at Talbot School of Theology and Co-Author of Tapestry of Grace: Untangling the Cultural Complexities in Asian American Life and Ministry <talbot.edu/faculty/profile/benjamin_shin/>


“DJ Chuang understands the landscape of the church, and can help you understand the hopeful rising tide of multi-ethnic and multi-Asian movements happening right now. He’s an expert in the know, and dialed in regarding not just what to know about the future church, but what to do with what we’re learning. Listen to him!” ~ Brad Lomenick, Former President of Catalyst and Author of The Catalyst Leader and H3 Leadership <bradlomenick.com>


“DJ Chuang has written an outstanding book that will interest church leaders and those with a leaning towards ministering to Asian Americans. This well-researched book delves into the fastest-growing racial group today and the dynamics that have propelled the growth of the Asian American Christianity. Chuang coins a new description—multi-Asian—and explores the opportunity and challenges of these churches with a wide diversity of Asian backgrounds. Besides providing a fascinating exploration of church models, this book gives real-life examples of different Asian-American churches and casts the call for new churches to be planted to reach the ripe fields in America. This book will influence the next generation of leaders and multiply the impact of those seeking to influence the future of Asian American culture and bringing them to Christ.” ~ Angela Yee, Director of Mission and Ministry at Saddleback Church Irvine South and Author of The Christian Conference and Event Planner <angelayee.com>


“Absorb DJ Chuang’s latest book, MultiAsian.Church. His challenge to view the Asian American community as Multi-Asian should be engaged by seminaries, denominations and Christian colleges. Latino church leaders have been saying for years that not all Latinos eat tacos, by which we mean that there is wide diversity of cultural, history, linguistic nuance, and food, and that church leaders will build lasting, generative and fruit-bearing partnerships as they learn and respect these nuances. In a similar way, this book helps us all to understand the breadth of Asian American church models and leadership development opportunities. I know of no other writer in America who has gathered as many names, churches, models, in this space as DJ. We met in the early 2000s as bloggers interested in emerging church and focused on reporting our respective ethnic groups. His work with L2 Foundation, Leadership Network, various magazines and networks, American Bible Society and others has afforded him the chance to meet, get to know, and learn about Asian American leaders around the country. It’s a blessing that DJ is sharing his knowledge, network and playbook with all of us in MultiAsian.Church. I wish every success to the growth of Thirty.Network, a collaborative that will benefit all of us.”  ~ Rudy Carrasco, Board Member of Christian Community Development Association and Past Board Member of World Vision <linkedin.com/in/rcarrasco>


“As church leaders in America looking to the future in evangelism, we face certain challenges. My good friend DJ Chuang has given us a great overview and insights into the fastest growing group in our country. While Asian Americans is a broad term covering lots of ground, DJ gives us non-Asians an understanding that is necessary to build the united force of all believers to reach our land.” ~ Dave Travis, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Encouragement Officer of Leadership Network <leadnet.org> and Author of Beyond Megachurch Myths: What We Can Learn from America’s Largest Churches and What’s Next: A Look Over the Next Hill for Innovative Churches and Their Leaders


“DJ Chuang brings a fresh perspective to serve the multi-Asian church. Through weaving together research, previous experiences and practical solutions, DJ advances the conversation for Asians leading well in a multi-ethnic world. Regardless of your ethnic background, readers will gain practical solutions for hiring, consulting, and ministering in a multicultural world.” ~ Dr. Kevin Nguyen, Lead Campus Pastor of Saddleback Church Irvine South and Adjunct Professor at California Baptist University


“MultiAsian.Church is a must read for anyone serious about investing in the future of the Church. DJ Chuang offers valuable insights about the unique evolution, multi-layered challenges & opportunities, and transformative potential of multi-Asian churches that are often overlooked or misunderstood by far too many.” ~ Charles Lee, Founder & CEO of Ideation and Author of Good Idea. Now What? <charlestlee.com>


“A must read book for all thoughtful, passionate Asian Americans!  MultiAsian.Church serves as a prophetic voice calling for Asian Americans to step up to answer the gaping needs of the times. The way DJ reframed the experience of Asian Americans not as second-class citizens but as a privileged and gifted ethnic group endowed by God and poised for reconciliatory, transformative roles in society is both affirming and freeing. In a simple, unpretentious way, DJ was not only able to dissect the paucity of leadership issues within the Asian American cultural confines among their own ethnic groups, in society and in the churches, he was able to carve out a unique path and define a critical space for Asian Americans to lead and fully participate in. Asian Americans have been made for such a time as this. The call to action is now and the future of Asian Americans is bright!” ~ Alice S. Chou, Director of L2 Foundation: Advancing Leadership and Legacy in Asian Americans <L2foundation.org>


MultiAsian.Church is an important work in a time where personal Asian American success often overshadows the difficult labor of past and present communal obstacles in developing Asian American spirituality. Very few people I know have the passion and LOVE for reaching lost Asian American souls as DJ Chuang. DJ has an unwavering commitment to the future and development of multi-Asian faith leadership. He was able to take on a personal subject which we feel that we should know and yet we really don’t and turn it into a compelling read that I would recommend to fellow Asian American leaders, community leaders, ministry leaders, and those searching for the reason why God made you an Asian American in this modern day and age. If you minister to Asian Americans, this a must read, particularly Chapter 6 of this book. MultiAsian.Church will be my go to guide for many years to come. A heartfelt and brilliant piece of Asian American history and vision for a hopeful outcome in this tapestry called America. Thank you DJ for this labor of love and purposeful life sharing. ~ Paul Wang, Jr., Real Estate Developer and Pastor <twitter.com/@paulwangjr>


“MultiAsian.Church is a glimpse behind the curtain of what God is doing in the Asian diaspora that has come to the U.S. Through data, stories and personal experiences, DJ shines a light on the path forward. If you want to understand what God is doing today in and through the lives of Asian American Christians, this book is a must-read.” ~ Eric Swanson, Leadership Network and Co-author of To Transform a City: Whole Church, Whole Gospel, Whole City <ericjswanson.com>


“DJ Chuang has articulated the unique ‘what’ of God’s story unfolding in the US with keen analysis and data about Asian-Americans. While this book serves to be a much needed resource, DJ has thrown down the gauntlet. Multi-Asian Church is a manifesto for those in Asian-American ministries and a springboard for those exploring what it means to be the church in a global village.” ~ Rev. Laurence Tom <twitter.com/@laurencetom>