This blog gives you a behind-the-scenes look to the authoring of this book and the conversations that follow as people read this book everywhere.

Discussing Current Trends about Asian American Churches

When there are online discussions about topics related to what MultiAsian.Church has presented, that is quite noticeable. There are not yet many voices from Asian American pastors and church leaders on the web, the public web, that are discussing very important and urgent issues pertaining to the churches where Asian Americans find belonging. Encouraging to find 2 recent blog posts from 2 Korean American pastors, Steve Bang Lee and Thomas Hwang, writing their thoughts on 2 pertinent issues regarding Asian American churches and the churches where Asian Americans attend. Steve blogged, 5 Predictions on the Future Asian American Church, prefacing his remarks with his observations about independent Asian American English-speaking churches — Over the course of time, I began hearing rumblings of a different church model for AAs in the early/mid 2000’s: The Independent-AA Church (IAAC) model.…
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Webinar: Asian American Churches in a Multiethnic World

Thanks to Healthy Church Leaders Initiative's Pathway to Ministry and Dr. Timothy Tseng for the opportunity to participate in this webinar on September 17, 2017. Description: Asian Americans are the fastest-growing racial group in the United States, projected to double in population by 2050. While many ethnic Asian churches are reaching an immigrant generation by ministering in Asian languages, new kinds of next generation multi-Asian and multi-ethnic churches are more effective with reaching English-speaking Asian Americans and a multi-ethnic community. We’ll cover statistics and trends as well as unpacking how these new kinds of churches are doing ministry. Plus, we’ll consider the 3 best opportunities where Asian Americans can make their most valuable Kingdom contributions. Recommended Books MultiAsian.Church: A Future for Asian Americans in a Multiethnic World by DJ Chuang [request a review copy] Tapestry of Grace: Untangling the Cultural Complexities…
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What is the definition of a MultiAsian.Church?

One very frequently asked question is how does the author define this newly-coined term, "MultiAsian.Church?" What do I really mean by MultiAsian.Church, exactly? Even someone who's read the entire book still asked this question, though my definition is clearly printed in Chapter 5 of the MultiAsian.Church book, as follows: Next generation multi-Asian churches are loosely defined as: autonomous English-speaking churches that are intentionally or incidentally reaching next generation Asian Americans and other non-Asians too and led by an Asian American pastor. As it was written, "MultiAsian.Church" is a fluid and dynamic definition because this term is descriptive, not prescriptive, of a new kind and different category of churches that I as the author believes is worth noticing, and even calling out, for its unique contribution to contextualizing church ministries in the 21st century. And as a soft definition, there may be churches that…
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An invaluable introduction into the Asian-American Christian experience–from one who knows

MultiAsian.Church Book Review by Noel Becchettion (on Multi.Asian Church is a readable, helpful doorway into a theater of ministry overdue for careful study: reaching and ministering to the millions of Asian-Americans that live in the West. D.J. Chuang has assembled an impressive foundation of research to underscore his basic premise: Asian-American Christians have played, and continue to play, significant roles in how God is building His multi-ethnic, multi-cultural Body of Christ in the English-speaking world, particularly in the U.S. Following an overview of Asian-American Christianity, Chuang explores the facets of Asian-American outreach, ministry, and church-growth expressions. He takes us through the various models of the Asian-American Church, examines the cultural distinctives that shape Asian-American faith and practice, and offers a number of case studies that illustrate how God has built and continues to build distinctively Asian-American and multi-cultural church…
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Readers React to the MultiAsian.Church Book

What kind of responses have I heard from readers about this new MultiAsian.Church book so far, people are asking me. It's among the most frequently asked question so far in the infancy of its release, now that both the print and digital editions are available. While I don't have video cameras recording how people react when they're reading the book, here are some of the first responses I have heard or received about this MultiAsian.Church book: "Love love love your book, and will be quoting some of it at our next elders retreat. Thanks for your ministry." ~ J.M. "Somebody should write a book about multiethnic churches and Asian Americans. Thank you for doing that; it's an answer to prayer!" ~ R.B.D. "I devoured the book in a single sitting! Congratulations on creating a very helpful tool! I learned a lot!"…
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Printed version of MultiAsian.Church almost available

The printed edition of MultiAsian.Church book is near completion and soon to be in the online store. Final layout of every page was completed last week and submitted to the printer. (We're using CreateSpace as a print-on-demand publishing service.) And before it's made available, a proof copy has to be reviewed for any final changes that may be required. Here's a brief video update with the author DJ Chuang unboxing the proof of the printed book that just arrived: You know what? You don't have to wait for the printed edition. You can purchase and instantly download the digital edition of MultiAsian.Church as an eBook today!
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We live in amazingly fast-changing times, perhaps the fastest in human history. It was not long ago when modern life in America was three broadcast networks on television. Music that used to be on cassette tapes was being distributed on compact discs (CDs). VCR tapes and rental stores opened up a new sub-culture of watching movies at home (with microwave popcorn, of course). Personal computers came with floppy disks, and dial-up modems connected the masses through networks like AOL, Prodigy, and CompuServe. Yes, I have a confession to make: I grew up in the 80s. Less than a generation later, we have cable television with 900+ channels[i] and broadband internet connection in 87.9% of U.S. homes.[ii] Personal computing has shrunk to laptops and notebooks. Tablets are everywhere, and flat-screen high-definition televisions have replaced the old bulky screens. The technology you…
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One of the great road trips I took was a drive across the United States from California to Washington D.C. During the drive, I stopped at a monument simply called, “The Four Corners Monument.” What makes this place unique is that it is the only intersection in the United States where four states intersect: Arizona, Utah, Colorado and New Mexico. These four states share this common point. In many ways, this book is like The Four Corners Monument. It is the intersection of several important and essential ideas. It is the intersection of culture and theology, present and future, first and following generations. As DJ writes, the landscape our nation is rapidly changing. Asians are the fastest growing ethnic group in the U.S. But looking at the Asian American community is like looking through a prism—you get different colors, shades…
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Christian Counseling for Asian Americans

Half of all American adults will suffer from mental illness in their lifetime, according to the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention, this includes Asian Americans and non-Asians alike. When people are struggling with mental illness, the first place they call is the church. Mental health and well-being is a very important part of overall healthy ministry for churches, pastors, and church leaders to have a network of resources like Christian counseling to help people have hope and healing. Mental Health Resources - Mental Health mininstry at Saddleback Church, with many Christ-centered resources "Mental Illness: What is the Church’s Role?" by Amy Simson, author of Troubled Minds: Mental Illness and the Church’s Mission "Going to Church May Improve Mental Health: Spirituality Lowers Risk of Substance Abuse, Adds Meaning to Life, Study Shows" by Charlene Laino (WebMD Health News) Southern California Asian…
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Digital Edition of MultiAsian.Church Book Launched

This MultiAsian.Church book was first launched as a digital edition (also known as an eBook) at the Thirty.Network pre-conference session on October 4, 2016. Author DJ Chuang was interviewed by Angela Lee before an enthusiastic audience. Watch the video. As the book sales have gotten underway, there is a growing amount of interest from many parts of the country. We eagerly await the conversations on the social chatter about the book's content. In a recent book promotional giveaway sponsored by NexGen, several great questions were raised about the topics surfaced by the book, like: "Why does it seem like Asian churches are more consumed with diversity than other non-Asian churches?" "It has been my observation of many 2nd gen AA ministries that sometimes repeat, and sometimes nearly clone their 1st gen in ministry operation, principles, and practice, setting themselves to repeat failures…
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preparing to launch after writing

As we approach the release of the new eBook, the excitement is growing and so is the number of final details adding up, more than I initially anticipated. As you may have seen from the back story of this book, I started writing this book on September 2015 and finishes the manuscript on August 31, 2016. At first I thought I could write and publish the book by April 2016, in time for a conference called Exponential East, but my flow of inspiration did not fuel me with the energy needed to hit that wishful timing. As a first-time author, this work was not done with an advance from a publisher, no funding to compensate for my time and work, no fundraiser to kickstart, no time off with a sabbatical-paid or unpaid. Life kept going on as normal, I…
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It’s time to start when inspiration strikes

Welcome to a new work in progress here at I confess that I don't have everything figured out and most everything is not planned just yet. And that's okay. I don't mind sharing with you and the world, even as things are just starting out, and not even the foundation is set in concrete yet. It's a behind the scenes look at how to start something, when the only thing in place at the moment is a registered domain name and an installation of WordPress to run this website. There isn't even a curtain to pull back to show the behind-the-scenes action. What you see is what you get, and pretty much as much there is to say about the subject of what's going to happen here. I won't say everything that's brewing and developing in my head. But what…
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