Digital Edition of MultiAsian.Church Book Launched

This MultiAsian.Church book was first launched as a digital edition (also known as an eBook) at the Thirty.Network pre-conference session on October 4, 2016. Author DJ Chuang was interviewed by Angela Lee before an enthusiastic audience. Watch the video.

As the book sales have gotten underway, there is a growing amount of interest from many parts of the country. We eagerly await the conversations on the social chatter about the book’s content.

In a recent book promotional giveaway sponsored by NexGen, several great questions were raised about the topics surfaced by the book, like:

“Why does it seem like Asian churches are more consumed with diversity than other non-Asian churches?”

“It has been my observation of many 2nd gen AA ministries that sometimes repeat, and sometimes nearly clone their 1st gen in ministry operation, principles, and practice, setting themselves to repeat failures of 1st gen churches. It is almost coded into our ethnic DNA. What are some of common things, both positive and negative, that are often repeated between the 1st and 2nd gen ministries? What are some ways to stop the vicious cycles? and what are some ways to start restorative cycles in our Asian American ministries?”

“Multi Asian and multi ethnic church? mosaic church?”

Read the author’s responses to these questions on the Facebook group.

As the author has a job that sometimes requires travel to different parts of the country, he may be open and available for coordinating a book tour stop with local organizers. Please contact him and see what we can work out.

On November 1-3, the 3rd National Multi-Ethnic Church Conference will gather in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. This couldn’t come at a more crucial time in the history of our nation. DJ Chuang and MultiAsian.Church will be having a lunch meetup there on Thursday, November 3rd. It’s not too late to register; discount code available for registrations by October 28.

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