Indian American Church Planting, the Next Generation

The 3 largest Asian American populations are Chinese, Filipino, and Asian Indian. As the children of Indian immigrants grew up or are born here in the USA, some of the second-generation Indian Americans are beginning to develop a next generation of churches that reach English-speaking Indian Americans and multiethnic communities, or as we like to say here, multi-Asian churches.

Learn more about these churches from Advance Initiative, which has this mission:

We exist to see a global movement of gospel-centered, multiethnic churches planted by or among Indians.

Advance Initiative is catalyzing a global movement of gospel-centered, multiethnic churches planted by or among Indians, because there exists both great need and great gospel opportunity among the South Asian community around the world. The aim of Advance is to call, empower, and equip Christian leaders across the globe to give their lives to advancing the gospel, particularly through healthy ministry in the local church and the planting of multiplying churches.

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“Planting It Forward” (Outreach Magazine, March 2022) [cached]

Since the genesis of the Advance Initiative, they’ve been able to help plant a handful of churches, and 20 ministry leaders have participated in their cohort. In the next five years they hope to see 20 new gospel-centered multiethnic churches planted.

“There is a need to plant churches to nurture second-generation Indians. Seventy-five to 80% of second-gen Indians drop out of church,” George says. “They love the relational aspect of the church, but don’t fit into their parents’ church or the American church. They struggle to find a place to call their own.”

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