An invaluable introduction into the Asian-American Christian experience–from one who knows

MultiAsian.Church Book Review

by Noel Becchettion (on

Multi.Asian Church is a readable, helpful doorway into a theater of ministry overdue for careful study: reaching and ministering to the millions of Asian-Americans that live in the West. D.J. Chuang has assembled an impressive foundation of research to underscore his basic premise: Asian-American Christians have played, and continue to play, significant roles in how God is building His multi-ethnic, multi-cultural Body of Christ in the English-speaking world, particularly in the U.S.

Following an overview of Asian-American Christianity, Chuang explores the facets of Asian-American outreach, ministry, and church-growth expressions. He takes us through the various models of the Asian-American Church, examines the cultural distinctives that shape Asian-American faith and practice, and offers a number of case studies that illustrate how God has built and continues to build distinctively Asian-American and multi-cultural church plants, congregations, and networks.

Read the rest of the review, it’s a good one!

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