Readers React to the MultiAsian.Church Book

What kind of responses have I heard from readers about this new MultiAsian.Church book so far, people are asking me. It’s among the most frequently asked question so far in the infancy of its release, now that both the print and digital editions are available.

While I don’t have video cameras recording how people react when they’re reading the book, here are some of the first responses I have heard or received about this MultiAsian.Church book:

“Love love love your book, and will be quoting some of it at our next elders retreat. Thanks for your ministry.” ~ J.M.

“Somebody should write a book about multiethnic churches and Asian Americans. Thank you for doing that; it’s an answer to prayer!” ~ R.B.D.

“I devoured the book in a single sitting! Congratulations on creating a very helpful tool! I learned a lot!” ~ R.W.

“I’ve started reading your book and it is very helpful! Thanks for writing it!” ~ J.G. (a sophomore at Biola University)

“DJ, thanks for this labor of love and life sharing… its an important work in a time where Asian American success often overshadows memories and the current state of affairs.” ~ P.W.

“Read your book, loved every page of it.” ~ C.J.M.

“Loved the data & history. Would for sure recommend it. Changed my view on a few things.” ~ J.K.

“I read through your book Multiasian. It was amazing! It was So resourceful, jam packed with statistics and easy to read. I felt the conviction behind your words.. and the message of raising up Asian American leaders is much needed today.” ~ W.R.H.


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