Chapter 11: Unleashing our Potential

UNEDITED & UNCORRECTED DRAFT – PLEASE DO NOT QUOTE There’s a line from the popular movie Spiderman that I hear often quoted: “With great power comes great responsibility.” This fictional account from a graphic novel, known as a comic book to a previous generation, seems to echo from the ancient text that recorded the words … Read more

Chapter 10: Raising Up Next Generation Leaders

UNEDITED & UNCORRECTED DRAFT – PLEASE DO NOT QUOTE What kind of future would you like to see for the next generation of Asian Americans? You have a vital role in raising up the next generation of pastors and church leaders. It does not happen by accident and it doesn’t happen by prayer alone. Many … Read more

Chapter 9: Churches that Last for Generations

UNEDITED & UNCORRECTED DRAFT – PLEASE DO NOT QUOTE Churches have existed for many generations, beginning with Jesus Christ, who said “I will build my church”, started with the apostles and disciples back in the first century. There were churches planted in Ephesus, Thessalonica, Galatia, Philippi, Corinth, and other cities. We have books in the … Read more

Chapter 8: why multi-Asian churches

UNEDITED & UNCORRECTED DRAFT – PLEASE DO NOT QUOTE The typical Asian American church will bring together people from two ends of the cultural spectrum, from the East and the West. When an Asian American church starts by reaching first generation immigrants from Asia, naturally over the course of time, immigrant parents would have children … Read more