Asian American Pastors and Pornography

Too many pastors struggle secretly with porn addiction. Research says 57% of pastors have struggled with porn and Asian pastors and Asian American ones are no exception. This ugly struggle is true for many men, and some women, regardless of ethnic background, whether Korean American, Chinese American, Japanese American, Indian American, and the many other ethnicities and nationalities in the world, Asians and non-Asians alike.

While it’s possible for someone to have a double life, doing Bible teaching or Christian ministry in public, and secretly looking at porn in private, there is recovery and freedom to get out of that painful & conflicted place. In other words, it doesn’t have to be career suicide (or personal suicide).

How Pastors Can Quit Porn Addiction

Watch this video of a candid conversation with Roy Kim, a sex addiction Christian therapist in Southern California. He was previously a Korean American pastor and he provides honest talk and practical encouragement, as we unpack what it looks like to experience freedom from your darkest pains and healing for your deepest wounds.


Roy Kim’s New Legacy Counseling @ + phone 408-676-9546

SA Speakeasy on Apple Podcasts – This podcast is for men and women who struggle with a sex addiction, yet don’t feel ready to talk about it or seek treatment.

Episode 3×08 – Sex Addiction and the Church @ Centering: The Asian American Christian Podcast

Asian America – including our churches and pastors – has a problem with sex addiction.

What separates a healthy sex drive from an addiction? How can we reduce stigma, isolation and judgment in our churches and replace it with growth and the work of healing? This week, marriage and family therapist Roy Kim joins Jessica to talk about his own experiences with sex addiction and counseling.

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Pure Desire podcast

Community Presbyterian Counseling Center (San Ramon, California)

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